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Our mission is to make a substantial contribution to the quality and continuity of care in the Netherlands.


On the basis of an extensive network, Yomema selects suitable students for the study program in the Netherlands.


Yomema only proposes interns that suit your organization sufficiently. Quality is guaranteed based on the talent profile!.


Your inters will receive a Dutch language and culture course before they come to the Netherlands. They then do an internship within your organization, which is an important part of the full-time Bachelor of Nursing course they follow.


Yomema guides the students from the Yomema mentorship to optimize integration within the society. In addition, Yomema can assist in finding suitable living space.

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Yomema educates international students up to the B1 level in the Dutch language and facilitates a full-time 4-year Bachelor of Nursing study program with an extra emphasis on language and culture in collaboration with the reliable education partner Avans+. In this way, the students are prepared step by step for an international healthcare career.
After successfully completing the 4-year full-time study program, the student receives a Dutch Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with which he / she can register in the BIG register. With such an entry in the BIG register, the jobs are up for grabs, below are some examples:

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Yomema continuously maintains and expands its international network. This way we keep in touch with what is going on among our students of the future. In addition, we seek contact with official bodies in the countries in which we operate in order to optimally guide prospective students. How do we do that? You can read that in our news items.

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