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We are Yomema, a company that seeks to connect professionals in the health sector. Our numerous clients in the Netherlands offer vacancies in nursing and veterinary all around the country. Hospitals, clinics, residences and home care services are waiting for you. We know working abroad is a giant leap, but Yomema will be by your side on this journey towards a new professional experience. We will help you with everything so you can adapt to Dutch culture and life as soon as possible. Training, Dutch classes, shared accommodation with colleagues or transport, are some of the advantages we offer in Yomema, and all at no cost!


Yomema has an extensive international selection network. If you fit our requirements you have many possibilities of being selected by one of our clients.


Once you have been selected and assigned to one of our clients, we facilitate an interview. You can get to know each other and have a first contact. Once this process is finished ... Congratulations! You are one step further to becoming a Yomema member.


Speaking English is an advantage because most Dutch people can speak that language. But it’s not the most important thing. You will start learning Dutch in a way you never imagined possible.


Our clients do not only care about your professional skills, but also want to ensure that you have your space and you can do those hobbies and activities that you like. So both our clients and Yomema will try to make your life in Holland as comfortable as possible.


Take a look at the health care issues in The Netherlands and learn your value

Start your international healthcare career at Yomema

More and more healthcare institutions are joining the Yomema platform. As a result, we constantly have new vacancies. Accepting an international challenge always starts with Yomema.


Find out the latest news about Yomema through our news items. We would like to keep you informed!

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